Industrial Equipment Data Logging

With automated data logging it is possible to  realise advantages with crane management software that can give your team valuable information about crane usage.

AJM Radio and Control can customise data logging systems to customers requirements.

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Data Logging Features:

Crane Data Logging

Real Time Data Logging.

  • Crane activation via Handset pin
  • Calendar based PIN management
  • Customized logging and reporting functions
  • Remote Scada/Web‐based logging of:
    1. Operator ID with Time/Date stamp
    2. Operator actions
    3. Operator Weight moved
    4. Total Weight Moved

Data Logging System advantages.

  • Crane operator licence management
  • Operator ID and crane operations logged during incidents
  • Equipment abuse or misuse logged and alarms sent
  • Access to cranes limited to designated operator
  • Crane, bay , factory production time and process management
  • Crane availability and maintenance improved by:
    1. Crane actual duty cycle calculated and logged
    2. Improved maintenance planning
    3. Early diagnoses of mechanical failure and alarms sent
    4. Saving on unnecessary maintenance costs
Crane Data Logging

Data logging via cell phone network.

Data logging via existing network.