Explosion Proof Equipment

Workplace environments where explosive gas, vapour or dust atmospheres may form must be equipped with explosion protected electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment, ie equipment that has an acceptable low risk of creating an ignition source.

At AJM Radio and Control we can assist you with explosion prevention certified equipment.

Conversion and certification of electrical pallet jack to safely operate in hazardous area.

Our client required two electrical pallet jacks to safely operate in hazardous area where explosive gasses from Propane to Hydrogen could be present.

AJM Radio and Controls converted  the pallet jack so that it could be certified  “Explosion Protected” Ex des IIC T4 Gc.

Hazardous Area Pallet Jack

Conversion and certification of electro/hydraulic proportional valve bank to safely operate in hazardous area (Flame proof).

AJM Radio and Controls converted  Hydac Nord Hydraulic RS220 bi-directional valve banks so that it could be certified  Group I/IIC, maximum surface temperature T4 (135EC) interms of SANS 60079-; Part-0:2009 and Part-18:2009.

It can be used in Zone 1 hazardous locations in Coal Mines or on surface in a Methane to Acetylene or Hydrogen atmospheres.

Explosion safe hydraulics

New explosion proof / prevention products added to our catalogue.

The LK NEO EX pushbutton transmitting unit is a product suitable for use in environments with the risk of explosion, such as petrochemical or heavy industry. The transmitter, available with 8 or 12 pushbuttons, complies with both the ATEX directive 2014/34/UE (zone 0/20 or zone 2/22) and the IECEx certification scheme (zone 0/20). It can be combined with any receiving unit in the AIR Series provided that the receiver is placed outside explosion-risk area. As an alternative, it is possible to supply an ACRM15 receiving unit inside an explosion-proof enclosure.

Explosion proof radio remote control
Autec LK Neo 12 EX
Explosion proof radio remote controls
Autec LK Neo 8 EX